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Amongst the few companies in Pakistan manufacturing A-Class photovoltaic (PV) Modules, we are one of the largest solar companies in Pakistan. Our PV modules are manufactured on a state-of-the-art international standard plant with a capacity of 150MW per annum. Mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline PV modules are produced in sizes ranging from 15 to 335 watts. Quality Assurance is our motto, and the product at each stage of production goes through detailed quality inspections. It is checked on a state-of-the-art Electro-Luminance (EL) testing Machine. Our PV modules are tested on a required basis on IEC 61215 (10.1), TUV SUD certified, and also as Top Class P.V modules by PCRET, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Government of Pakistan.

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You are at one of the best solar companies in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and the whole of Pakistan. We deliver quality solar panels and imported solar inverters across Pakistan and abroad

The best solar panels in Pakistan

The solar panels being produced at Sunlife Solar transform the light from the sun into energy (Photovoltaic) PV panels. We are a leading company manufacturing the photovoltaic modules in Pakistan.

The best solar inverters in Pakistan

A Solar Inverter should be of high quality being an important part of the solar system. Sunlife Solar Inverters are the best Solar Inverters in Pakistan that give optimal performance for your electric & sol energy setups.

We have all kinds of solar panel solutions in Pakistan for your requirements e.g. domestic solar panels, commercial solar panels, industrial solar panels.

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World’s best solar inverters are now available in Pakistan

H3 1k-2k Modified Sine Wave Off Grid Pwm Inverter

Solar charge controller and AC charger built inside.


Dual outputs
for smart load management.


Compatible with AC generator power.

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Stable and fanless design
to prolong lifespan


Maximum PV input current 27A
Dual outputs for smart load management

SL-IV Plus Series

Pure sinewave Off Grid/On Grid Solar Inverter



First of all, one's should determine the efficiency of a solar panel and compare it with the industry standard of 16-18%.


Always check the Solar Panel manufacturer's warranties and compare it with the industry duration of 10-25 years.


Most importantly, one's should calculate the cost of efficiency, because sometimes the cheapest cost can affect the performance.

Importance of Solar Energy in Pakistan?

The crisis in Pakistan’s power sector is causing load shedding. All sectors, including household, commercial, and industrial units, are severely affected by such power outages, which could be decreased by adopting the latest technologies, such as solar PV. The usage of solar PV systems in other countries achieves the splendid milestone of meeting energy needs. Still, in Pakistan, its use at the domestic level remains very low despite its huge potential. This study identifies that the influence of households’ decisions regarding the adoption of Solar Panel Lahore in Pakistan is increasing gradually. Sunlite Pakistan provides you with the best solar panels in Lahore.

Our company is adopting the latest technologies such as solar PV for our customers. Sunlife Pakistan is offering photovoltaic devices and solar PV systems. The cost of photovoltaic devices and solar PV systems appeared to be the most significant barrier to the dispersion of solar PV systems. Another important barrier is the shortage of reliable vendors and technicians. Sunlite Pakistan provides experienced, reliable vendors and technicians for the installation of solar panels in Lahore.

Cost of Solar Panel In Pakistan

The main point we always note before any purchase is the cost of the product When you study the price of a solar panel, many points are the key factors. The physical size of the panel and size in terms of watts are the primary factors Further, the warranty of the item and its quality are also vital.

We should not settle for the cheapest solar panel in Lahore, as those panels may not give the best results. When buying a solar panel in Pakistan, we have a long-term goal in mind. A low-cost Panel will affect your long-term plan due to its low efficiency and low life span and results after a few years.

Solar Panel In Pakistan

Tips To Choose A Solar Panel Company

Choosing a best solar panel company? Consider reputation, experience, warranty, panel quality, certifications, cost, installation expertise, and customer service.
A solar panel is the latest model of science and tech that helps you make electric energy with sunlight.

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