Solar Panels Manufacturer in Lahore Pakistan

Sunlife Solar Co (Pvt) Ltd.

Photovoltaic Modules in Pakistan

The solar panels we sell are photovoltaic devices, i.e. panels that are able to produce electricity from sunlight. The solar panels we use at Sunlife Solar transform the light from the sun into energy (Photovoltaic) PV panels. We are a leading company manufacturing the photovoltaic modules in Pakistan. We have all kinds of solar panel solutions in Pakistan for your requirements e.g. domestic solar panels, commercial solar panels, industrial solar panels.

Solar Panel Factory in Pakistan

Many solar panel companies are manufacturing solar panels in Pakistan, which quality makes us the best & number 1 premium solar panel company/factory in Pakistan. We have state of the art plants to manufacture the top quality solar panel products by using the premium quality materials in our solar panel factory in Pakistan. We have achieved many certificates of honor from different governing bodies and Govt of Pakistan.

How to Choose a best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan?

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan? Choosing the best solar panel Company in Pakistan can be the toughest and challenging part of your all solar buying process. Because of a solar panel's equipment could be classified in terms of product specifications, qualities, costs, benefits, and warranties that can be measured/calculated by the various ways to find a company amongst the best solar panel companies in Pakistan. We are happy to announce that there are 100s of solar panel installers in Pakistan, but, our solar panel installers are highly experienced and well trained to tackle/manage all kinds of solar panel equipment either residential, commercial or industrial.

3 Steps to choose your best Solar Panels Company in Pakistan

  1. First of all, one's should determine the efficiency of a solar panel and compare it with the industry average of 16-18%.
  2. Always check the Solar Panel manufacturer's Warranties and compare it with the industry average of 10-25 years.
  3. Most importantly, one's should calculate the cost of efficiency, because sometimes the cheapest cost can affect the performance.